Educating the next generation is of paramount importance to our shared future. Yet those who dedicate their lives to education often unappreciated and face increasingly challenging circumstances at work. Despite all this, these people consistently go above and beyond to inspire our kids on a daily basis. So we worked with Lisa Rubisch at Park Pictures to write a love letter to teachers, highlighting all the ways they touch our kids' lives. And, of course, there's a subtle reminder to parents that teachers request supplies for the first day of school, and, often times, Lysol Wipes are on that list..

This spot ran nationally in the US and Canada in the weeks leading up to the first day of the 2018/2019 school year. It out-tested more than 80% of other nationally running spots at the time with results so good, our clients could only describe them as “bananas.”



Director: Lisa Rubisch @ Park Pictures

DP: Ryley Brown

Editor: Crandall Miller @ Whitehouse Post

Asst. Editor: Paul Chung @ Whitehouse Post

Original Music: SixtyFour Music

Sound Design & Mix: Sonic Union

Color: Mikey Rossiter @ The Mill

Agency: McCann

ECD: Maru Kopelowicz

Sr. Art Director: Francisco Valenzuela Barrera

Sr. Copywriter: Ashley Glass

My Role: Producer