For over 30 years, it has been the burning question hidden behind the perplexed face of each new person I meet.  Some people drop the "I," rendering it "Faulk".  Others pronounce it "Fall-lick."  The most creative add an accent over the "I" to put an exotic twist on it (which even I considered adopting at one point.)  

Most, however, just avoid it all together and cower at the possibility of someone's name being expressed in the least desirable way imaginable.  

But me?  I won't shy away from it.  Yes, that's right, it's pronounced "phallic."  In fact, Falik is so entwined with this, our language's most passive way to describe items resembling male genitalia, that dictionaries actually use my last name's exact spelling to demonstrate it phonetically.  

My father always said: "If it's gonna mean something, why not that?"  So with that sentiment in mind, I have compiled the following slideshow to illustrate just how diverse and fun us Faliks can be.