Far and away B-Reel's most ambitious project, Earth Studio is a multi-year product development assignment from the Google Earth team.  What began as a hack that allowed us to take screenshots of unique coordinates within Google Maps has developed into arguably the world's most advanced in-browser animation tool.  Similar to Adobe After Effects, Studio allows you adjust keyframes in the timeline and adjust advanced splines curve to create and ease 3D camera paths through Google Maps data.  Users can then render out image and video sequences in resolutions as high as 10K.

The tool has been used for dozens of Google films and, today, is used by almost every major news outlet (CBS, NY Times, VICE, NBC, CNN, etc).  And new features are being added all the time, as the team continues to make the tool more robust and usage spreads internationally. 

Our patent was granted in 2018 and was purchased by Google. Consumers can now apply for access to the tool on the Earth Studio website.

Role: Producer