I'm Wes, a senior producer who specializes in film production.  For the last 3 years,  I have been working on a nimble team at B-Reel, where my role extends beyond the typical agency producer responsibilities and includes daily direct-to-client services, project management, and business affairs oversight.  

I also manage my projects from start to finish.  This means I oversee a team starting from creative development through to scoping, prepping, and, of course, shooting.  I then continue to manage post utilizing in-house editorial and VFX resources in combination with trusted partners for higher impact VFX and finishing work. 

I've also produced a variety of other projects types, from apps and websites to digital products and interactive installations.  (Fun fact: one even led to a patent pending). This experience which has given me a keen understanding of how film can work in tandem with these technologies to push user experiences to new heights.

The work comes first for me.  And I know that getting to that desired finish can only happen when the right people come together and provide an unwavering effort to make everything as good as it possibly can be—no matter the project's restraints.  My goal is to continue to develop relationships with these dedicated people, so I can afford myself the opportunity to make increasingly better work.